Christmas Shopping – Shoulder Struggle

Mission: Christmas Shopping

Date: A Frighteningly Busy Saturday

Location: Concrete Metropolis City Centre

When heading out to complete this mammoth task, list in hand and determination running through your veins be sure to double check a few things:

  1. Only carry with you what you need – take out the spare car keys, garage and office keys. You’ll be amazed at how much they weigh.
  2. Aim to carry shopping in a balanced manner – distribute some of the weight either side of your body, head and shoulders up (optional extra: using shopping bags as a mild weapon when people suddenly stop in your path is completely your call).
  3. An across the body handbag is not only a safe option when in a built up area but also distributes the weight more evenly taking pressure off the shoulders.
  4. If you can shop with debit/credit card only – loose change that you intend to count out but never do can weigh a substantial amount and will be dead weight all day. A regular sized Radley purse filled with change and store cards can weigh in excess of 0.9kg.
  5. Most commonly forgotten – if you’re wearing a hooded jacket or intend going to a covered shopping centre an umbrella becomes obsolete. A wind resistant umbrella can weigh 0.5kg alone.
  6. Be sure to take the pressure off your joints regularly by unloading handbags and shopping bags for approximately 1o minutes – more than enough time to indulge in a christmas coffee or perhaps something a little more fizzy.

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