Christmas Shopping – Shoulder Struggle

Mission: Christmas Shopping

Date: A Frighteningly Busy Saturday

Location: Concrete Metropolis City Centre

When heading out to complete this mammoth task, list in hand and determination running through your veins be sure to double check a few things:

  1. Only carry with you what you need – take out the spare car keys, garage and office keys. You’ll be amazed at how much they weigh.
  2. Aim to carry shopping in a balanced manner – distribute some of the weight either side of your body, head and shoulders up (optional extra: using shopping bags as a mild weapon when people suddenly stop in your path is completely your call).
  3. An across the body handbag is not only a safe option when in a built up area but also distributes the weight more evenly taking pressure off the shoulders.
  4. If you can shop with debit/credit card only – loose change that you intend to count out but never do can weigh a substantial amount and will be dead weight all day. A regular sized Radley purse filled with change and store cards can weigh in excess of 0.9kg.
  5. Most commonly forgotten – if you’re wearing a hooded jacket or intend going to a covered shopping centre an umbrella becomes obsolete. A wind resistant umbrella can weigh 0.5kg alone.
  6. Be sure to take the pressure off your joints regularly by unloading handbags and shopping bags for approximately 1o minutes – more than enough time to indulge in a christmas coffee or perhaps something a little more fizzy.

Back aching, neck straining … time to relax – PUT briefcases, carry alls and bags for life down

Your one shoulder is throbbing and pain is traveling down your spine, sound familiar?

You’ve lugged around everything bar the kitchen sink and possibly worked from a very uncomfortable office chair.

Time to reboot and get your back as it should be – nobody wants to be the replacement Hunchback of Notre-Dame

Yoga For Back Pain Infographic...The benefits of yoga on symptoms of lower back pain are mostly physical as a result of strengthening and stretching of muscles. The study results reveal that yoga could be a good and safe choice for those people who are willing to try physical activity to help relieve their moderate lower back pain.: