Portable Technology & Accessories: greatest gadgets or greatest health hazard?

2003 is considered the boom time for tech becoming integrated into ours daily lives – so much so that designer Julien Macdonald, then at Givenchy, teamed up with Intel to create the first “stylish” laptop bags for women.

Fast forward over a decade and no brand – designer, high street or technology focused is worth its salt without having tech products styled specifically for women. Rucksacks like flat shoes will always be the most practical but not necessarily what women want everyday of the week.

Evolutionary as technology is numerous devices remain bundled into handbags at 7am… so much for streamlining. The average UK women’s handbag “when in operation” reportedly weighs in at 6lb. Medical professionals are seeing an increasing number of women with back pain caused by lack of weight distribution in handbags, the prescription … more ergonomically designed accessories. However are women prepared to sacrifice a certain styles to forgo the pain?






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